Prayers To Stop Divorce

prayers to stop divorce


  1. Alvaro R says:

    Christians: How can i stop the feelings of lust?
    Whenever i look at an attractive person my mind begins to lust but i don’t think about having sex with that person. If you have lustful thoughts about a person and masturbate you are committing adultery, but what about having lustful feelings without thinking of any person?

    I get lustful feelings without lustful thoughts and i masturbate without thinking of anyone!

    Hope anyone gets this!!

    • Set it and Forget it says:

      @Chris – Marriage isn’t the way out for lust because a person can also be lustful while they are married thus that can cause problems in the marriage. Lust should never be used as an excuse to get married.

      Even people who are hurting who are lonely can also use that excuse but it doesn’t make things better because even as two people come together in a marriage there will be problems to work out because we all have problems.

      Problems don’t always make for a better marriage. God may want to heal them first before they get married. I have witnessed people who rush ahead of God and then they either end up in hurtful divorce or separation.

      Lust, Excuse Me


      Excuse #4: I don’t have a wife (with whom I can exercise my passions).

      TRUTH: Is that all a wife is good for? Isn’t there much more to marriage than sex? Marriage does not remove sexual struggle. 1 Corinthians 7:5 speaks of how the married couple can be tempted. Seek to submit your sex drive to God before you are married and while you are married. Marriage is not a free reign to unlimited sex. Marriage is not about self-gratification, but about selfless love (i.e. A wife’s submission and a husband’s willingness to love the wife as himself even to the point of dying for her. Refer to Ephesians 5:21-33). A husband and wife are a model of Christ and His Church. Did Christ just see what He could get out of the Church for His own selfish pleasure, or did He nurture her and love her selflessly? Even though she would cheat on Him by entertaining worldliness in centuries to come, He died for her! A wife is worth dying for, not to be lowered to be a piece of meat used for self-gratification. Sex is reserved for marriage and sex in marriage is an act of love for the other glorifying to God, not selfish love that glorifies self.

      If you give your heart to Jesus Christ he can set you free from lust. Only Jesus Christ can set you free and he can set you free if you put your faith and trust in him alone. If you don’t like what I have said then perhaps you will listen to these women? God is saving people from the Gay community and sets them free.

      God Loves You and Therapy doesn’t work. The reason why therapy doesn’t work is because it’s man ‘s attempt to try to do it in his own strength with out God’s help. I am speaking of Christian ministries that use therapy and only rely on therapy as the way thus it won’t work.

      Therapy doesn’t help get rid of the lust because the lust will always be there. Therapy is only useful when it’s dealing with emotional problems not the lust. For Lust deliverance from lust is best because God can do it!

      God has set me free from some things that I have had in my personal life and thus I can say this because I know what God can do verses what the fleshy man thinks he can do in his own strength. I can’t take credit for the work that God has done in my life.

      If you don’t take my word for it then why not talk to these people on you tube and contact them and talk to them personally. Even Christians have to deal with lust every day and we have the Lord who gives us the power to overcome. Prayer and Reading the bible helps us.


      Dawn Stefanowicz: Coming Out from Under –

      Ex Gay Testimony

      Ex Lesbian Charlene Cothran Tells her Testimony

      ExHomosexual Men Pt3 (I thought I was born gay)

      Is it possible to stop being gay?

      A Gay Son’s Journey to God. A Broken Mother’s Search for Hope

      Christopher Yuan – Saddleback Church

  2. Andrew says:

    My dad trys to make people fell bad for him how do i get him to stop?
    My dad trys to make every one fell bad for him. He seams to have some type of a ego problem or something i don’t know. My parents are divorced because of this. My mom got on to hes tricks. The worst part is hes a good story teller and people believe him. How do i get him to stop being like this, this really annoys me that every one fells bad for him. Hes all ways been like this for the longest i can remember. My mom said he use to be like this to i don’t why she married him. I want him to realize hes wrong doings how can i do this?

    • Naguru says:

      If you want to gain spiritual power and moral strength to withstand such mental pressures, please pray honestly and sincerely with ardent devotion. Prayer does lot of wonders in life like a miracle. Some super power will come to your rescue. You will get proper shelter.

  3. Th3_Gr3atest_Mistak3 says:

    How do i get my wife back? How do i show her that i have different views?
    I have been with my wife now for almost a year married but almost 5 years together. Like all couples we have had our arguments and mistakes. She recently told me she wants her space to get closer to God and to see what he wants her to do. She hasn’t talked to me at all about what her feelings are or anything she is going through, so i am in the dark about all that. She just told me that she is filing for a divorce. I am going through a really rough time, it has brought me closer to God and it has helped me realize what changes i need in my life. But is it too late? I have already been praying non stop and i have cried more tears than i have in my life, i have sent prayer requests to a Christian radio station, and i am also talking to a pastor! What can i do to show her that i truly want us to work out and that i am a changed and still changing man? I don’t want to lose her, i truly love her with my heart and i honestly can say we make such a cute couple!!!! If you are a christian reading this will you pray for us? I have also been reading the Love Dare book, I will do whatever it takes to win her heart back!!! Please i would really appreciate honest answers and just help with this situation.

  4. Miss Dymond says:

    Have you ever felt a calling from God about your life and what you need to do?
    I’ve been feeling the need to change my life. My lifestyle is getting in the way of finishing school which I felt God wanted me to go back.

    I have a strong urge to stop smoking and just become a better person. It’s like God has answered some of my prayers. Slowly but surely my prayers will be answered, but it also feels like he trying to tell me to turn my life over to him and everything will be alright.

    • Anastacia Hauldridge says:

      He is speaking from within you and you need to listen as I did. Years ago I had a stomach disease that kept me in bed for about 2 years. Through that ordeal I discovered GOD and how he is the one to get me out of this bed. I couldn’t do much for myself and I even started writing a book on my life with the sickness and how it effected me and my family. My divorce on was the cause as well as my workaholic attitude and finally I just called it all quits. One day I was watching on TV the church channel special with Pastor Joyce Meyer and she really motivated me in prayer and I felt GOD calling me to redeem myself and move on to a new life of helping people. Today I am doing that with my wellness business and although my book is unpublished one day I will have just enough money to publish it and get it out there for all the people who are going through what I conquered through with the faith that the Lord bestowed upon me.
      We are all not perfect but we must listen to GOD and work on change and keep working on change for the best. Life is Life and it is very special, treat it that way with a happy smile, a new good deed, or just charity. Be there for your family and help them anyway you can by loving them unconditionally. There are many gifts to come to you as you grow in spirit, mind, and body.

      God Bless You and I hope my answer has put a new beginning thought in your mind to look more further and listen to the voice.

  5. Stareyes says:

    How do you get yourself through difficult times?
    I constantly feel down about my life.

    I don’t know how to cheer myself up or provide my own self support.

    I am looking for a job and not able to find anything permanent. I am only finding contract positions.

    I am worried about my daughter. She is 14 and lived with her Dad in another state. I gave him sole physical and legal custody during the divorce. My ex-husband moved due to job reasons. I live in another state. I tried to go and stay with her, but it did not work because I was staying in my ex-husband’s house. It was bad situation overall.

    I feel bad when I compare my life to other people’s and it makes me feel inferior about myself in that my life has not worked out.

    I know that I have to learn to think positive, but its sometimes hard and I don’t know who to turn to when I am down. Maybe prayer, but what else?

    • guatemama says:

      You’ve gotten some great advice so I’m going to try to not repeat anyone here. However, there is one thing that I don’t think anyone has said yet that I feel that you seriously need to do……..and that is…….FORGIVE YOURSELF. I have a feeling from your post that you sit and go over all the mistakes you’ve made, all the bad choices you’ve chosen, all the wrong turns you’ve turned onto. Stop it. Don’t keep beating yourself up over things that are in the past. Instead, take a deep breath and BEGIN AGAIN. Your post has already stated that you KNOW what you need to do…..”I know that I have to learn to think positive”. I think the only one stopping you is “you”. You go on to say “but it’s sometimes hard and I don’t know who to turn to when I am down.” I think you are at a point in life where you are going to have to rely on yourself. We can’t always rely on someone else to pick us up. It would be nice! But unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. Sometimes when we are at our lowest, we look around and everyone is busy doing something else. I’ve had to learn this. I’m glad I did, because that was when I became stronger….when I learned that I could pick MYSELF up. What a revelation!

      How did I do it? The same way you are going to have to learn to do it. It’s a mind game. It sounds silly, but when I started beating myself up over dumb stuff I did in the past, I would simply talk to myself and tell “me” to CUT IT OUT! Then I would distract myself. Do something different than whatever is was that I was doing that reminded me of my past. I would NOT allow myself to “wallow” in my own self pity. I would not allow myself to have a pity party. NOPE! What I noticed is that I began to feel more “in control” of myself and not so dependant on others for how I was feeling.

      Once I began to take charge of my life I went to the doctor for severe migraines and they put me on a low dosage of Prozac. Between my increased self esteem and the Prozac my life really calmed down. Are things perfect now? Not by a long shot. BUT, I live for the future, not in the past like I used to.

      Prayer is part of my daily life. But keep in mind. People sometimes try to use Christ as a “handyman”. They call on him for a repair job and then send him on his way. He doesn’t work that way. Establish a relationship with him. Learn to trust him and then allow him to show you what your testimony is. And remember…..your testimony is only “imony” if you never go through the “test”.

      Blessings and sorry so long

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